Planning, effort and prayer to bring parnassah

I knew it shouldn't be just about money. In my family of accountants, making money was the focus. Not creativity, souls, spirituality, or tzedakah. All the things that now inspire me on a daily basis weren't even mentioned when I was a kid.  So I went to the extreme, and, subconsciously, I completely avoided bringing … Continue reading Planning, effort and prayer to bring parnassah

Reclaiming My Legacy and My Hebrew Name: Morasha Kehilla

I recently started using my Hebrew name. My great-grandparents, Moshe and Kayla (Morris and Katy) Tanenbaum, for whom I’m named, came from religious families in Ukraine and tried to preserve their Jewish life even in the U.S. Katy’s father, Fishel Rubin, was a rabbi and sent his daughter far away from the Jewish pogroms of … Continue reading Reclaiming My Legacy and My Hebrew Name: Morasha Kehilla

Morasha Kehilla: Why I started using my Hebrew name (full version)

I was born into my Jewish family in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, around the time modern Americans were celebrating 200 years since Christian pioneers formally took control of the land they conquered from previous inhabitants. Though my religious great-grandparents fled our enemies in Europe and emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s, … Continue reading Morasha Kehilla: Why I started using my Hebrew name (full version)

Birthday Blessings

I awoke at 5:30 am today to the sound of Bedouin men in the neighboring village chanting their prayers (Usually I wake up at 6:30 to the songs of busy yellow-beaked Eurasian blackbirds outside my window and on the roof.).  Their chanting was so hauntingly mesmerizing that it gently carried me from asleep to awake… … Continue reading Birthday Blessings

My First Time: A Magical Visit to the Kotel

By Mindy Rubenstein This morning I pressed my forehead against the cool limestone of the Kotel, the Western Wall in Jerusalem.  How can it be that I was actually there? For years I longingly watched the Kotel live online.  It was like a dream — a place only others were fortunate enough to visit. And … Continue reading My First Time: A Magical Visit to the Kotel

Aliyah Journal – Part 2

August 24-29 | 27 Av-2 Elul, 5782 We received our official approval from the Jewish Agency, tentatively confirmed our Nefesh B'Nefesh sponsored flight, and then, finally, our precious Visas arrived. I'm typing this with a feeling of disbelief and awe, because there were so many months, details and decisions, paperwork and interviews, and then this … Continue reading Aliyah Journal – Part 2

Aliyah Journal – Part 1

August 9-14, 2022 | 13-17 Av 5782  I was never a Zionist. In fact, through much of my life I didn’t even realize I had any connection to the Land of Israel. I naively thought it was simply a country, like any other, that happened to have Jewish people living there. Mindy Rubenstein I first … Continue reading Aliyah Journal – Part 1

Power of the Pause

I took a hiatus of sorts.  Since becoming a mom, including nursing and nurturing four children and losing one, I’ve tried to find the right balance. To meet perceived expectations as my own Divinely feminine internal compass tried to guide me, but was often ignored.  I wanted to use my skills and to prove my … Continue reading Power of the Pause

Celebrating my Divine womanhood

I’m in my luteal phase, an important concept I only uncovered today. Since I’ve been feeling so seemingly crappy, and it’s not yet time for my ‘period’, I decided to pause and investigate.  Even as I type this, some part of me is saying, “Shhh…don’t talk about these things.” As a teen, my education about … Continue reading Celebrating my Divine womanhood

Giving Myself Approval and Acceptance

I was about to delete the vulnerable post I shared last week. Then a message came to my inbox: Hi Mindy,Thank you for posting about your feelings and your conversation with Hashem. I am like wow! That's exactly what I needed to hear and that so much resonates with my own thoughts today. Your words … Continue reading Giving Myself Approval and Acceptance