Second Night, Appreciating Light

It’s alive and vibrant here. I can hear chanting and prayer echoing through the Wadi behind our house — along with Eurasian jays and howling tanim. The food is fresh and tastes unbelievable — the juiciest dates, massive mangoes, salty olives, heavenly halava, crispy falafel, warm hummus, freshly roasted cashews, homemade passion-fruit liquor… The natural … Continue reading Second Night, Appreciating Light

A great miracle happened HERE!

Dreidels in galus, outside of Eretz Yisrael, have a Nun, Gimel, Hey, Shin. It’s an acronym for Nes, Gadol, Haya, Sham. A great miracle happened THERE. But now that my family and I made Aliyah, we are living where the actual miracle occurred nearly two millennia ago, in the year 3622 (139 B.C.E.). For many … Continue reading A great miracle happened HERE!