• Writing from the soul – dig deep, be more authentic, find your true self 
  • Journal writing – be more mindful and aware of your thoughts feelings and surrounding with daily practice 
  • Fiction writing – characters and stories 
  • Poetry – haiku, limericks, sonnets and more 
  • Memoir writing – tell your life story 
  • Journalism – learn to ask the right questions, do interviews and write articles 


  • Abstract painting – free your mind, free your soul. No rules, just fun! 
  • Pour painting – see how colors flow and blend 
  • Word art – create art using a name or word 


  • Canva – learn graphic design basics  – templates, fonts, colors
  • WordPress – learn to create websites 


  • Basic
  • Intermediate 
  • Advanced 


  • Daily Wisdom – insights from the Parsha 
  • Growth Through Torah – relating the Parsha to life 
  • Positivity Bias – learning to think and speak in a more positive way