“People often avoid making decisions out of fear of making a mistake. Actually the failure to make decisions is one of life’s biggest mistakes.” – Rabbi Noah Weinberg

I’m Mindy Morasha Rubenstein.

I’m a baalat teshuvah, a wife of 23 years, and mom of four.

I made Aliyah with my family in September of 2022, which was the first time I had set foot in Eretz Yisrael. Previously we lived in Florida (Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville); Atlanta, Georgia; Virginia (Norfolk and Richmond); and near D.C. in Potomac, Maryland. 

As a writer and speaker, I share my religious / spiritual journey in a vulnerable way–including my connection with Hashem, Torah and chassidut. I also share openly about mental health, trauma and healing.

During my career, my articles and essays have been published in Jewish and secular publications, including Chabad.org, Aish.com, Baltimore Jewish Times, Atlanta Jewish Times, and the Jerusalem Post. I also was a correspondent for the Tampa Bay Times, where I received a national journalism award for religion writing in the secular media for my Faith in Motion column. 

With Morasha Magazine, I love uniting Jewish women and teen girls of all backgrounds and helping them share their stories through essays, stories, poetry and art. I like knowing that women feel better and more confident after writing about their struggles and successes, and that others benefit from reading about them.

I help women write and edit the stories within them, then work with my co-editor, our graphic designer, and coordinate print production — feeling a deep sense of accomplishment seeing the art and writing, and women’s faces, together in one publication. Baruch Hashem, we have created 12 editions (number 13 is almost finished), plus the online version.

As Jewish women, expressing our Godly selves through creativity and connecting with each other is the key to being healthy, happy wives and mothers. I feel alive when I’m utilizing my creative skills, and conversely, when I’m not, it’s very painful. 

I make art, mostly abstract mixed media, for trauma healing. I have written a book about my journey, including a collection of my writing over the years.

As a coach and teacher, I help women discover, share and lead from their true selves.

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