Second Night, Appreciating Light

It’s alive and vibrant here.

I can hear chanting and prayer echoing through the Wadi behind our house — along with Eurasian jays and howling tanim.

The food is fresh and tastes unbelievable — the juiciest dates, massive mangoes, salty olives, heavenly halava, crispy falafel, warm hummus, freshly roasted cashews, homemade passion-fruit liquor…

The natural beauty is beyond breathtaking — it’s a short drive to the Mediterranean Sea, Lake Kineret or Jordan River, as well as mountains, waterfalls, springs and deserts.

Of course, Eretz Yisrael oozes with awesome history, a meeting place of the Divine and those who seek It.

It’s literally the best place on earth.

On this second night of Chanukah, I want to express my deep gratitude for life’s challenges and seeming darkness, because they help me more fully appreciate the light.

חנוכה שמח!

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